Key Note Speakers
and Panels Programme

Proceeding Presentation

Click on the virtual halls below to enter the sessions. (Links will be added later)

Registration Form

All presenters (key notes speakers, panelists and authors) and audience are required to register for the conference. You need to register only once for the conference.

Fill out the form below to register:

Online Participation and Notices:
The virtual halls specified in the program are virtual meeting rooms. The necessary links to connect to the halls are given above. Please read the following explanations before connecting:

Presenters (Keynote speakers, panelists and authors);

  1. At the time of the presentation session, you should click on the hall link above and join the meeting.
  2. Join the meeting session with your web browser, rather than the Microsoft Teams app. Note that you should allow camera and microphone access rights by the browser when asked.
  3. Proceed by entering your first and last name in joining.
  4. Once you join, the necessary permissions to make a presentation (screen sharing, camera and microphone rights) will be given at that time by the session chair or tecnical support member.
  5. You can proceed the presentation by screen sharing (like Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or other content in your screen) with your camera and microphone.
  6. During your presentation, there will be technical support staff in the same virtual room who will provide you with technical support.
  7. Before the presentation time, you can call +90 312 246 6849 and /or send a message to

Audiance Participants

  1. Make sure you have completed the registration form previously.
  2. Click on the links above to join the meetings by using your web browser, rather than Microsoft Teams app.
  3. Enter your first and last name when asked.
  4. Participants’ cameras and microphones will not be allowed to be used, but they will be able to ask questions in the question & answer section via writing.

In addition;

  1. All presentations will be recorded for archival purposes but will not be published afterwards.
  2. During the presentations, except for the presenters (keynote speakers, session chair, panelists and authors), all audience will not be able to use their camera and microphones but able to ask questions by writing.